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Quickstart SiteBuilder / ShopBuilder

Use this handy guide to quickly start using your new SiteBuilder.

Log in via the control panel: Go to “My Products” > “SiteBuilder & ShopBuilder” > “Manage”

Step 1: Overview and settings

Step 2: The most important parts of your site

  • The header is the part of your site that contains the logo and navigation.
  • The footer is the last row on the bottom of your site, and is the same on each page of your site.
  • Read here how to add and edit pages and popups .

Step 3: Blog Editor

  • Use the blog editor to set up a new blog and add posts.

Step 4: SEO

Step 5: Personalize your website

Note: Only available when using SiteBuilder Ultimate!

Step 6: Add a webshop (only with ShopBuilder)

Step 7: Publish your website

  • To put your site online , you need to publish your site and set up your domain.
Updated on 17 May 2021

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