Moving or deleting a logo


  1. Move the cursor over the logo
  2. Click on ‘Edit Logo’
    Edit logo
  3. Select the third option – No Logo
    Option 'No logo'
  4. Click on ‘Send’

The position of your logo depends to a large extent on the template that you have chosen.

Solution for advanced users

You can change the location of the logo by changing the heading of your site;

  1. In the menu on the side, go to the SEO tab. Click on it to open the Search Engine Optimization settings.
    SEO tabSearch Engine Optimization
  2. You will find the header html-code field in the Head Code or Header Code menu. Post the following code.
    margin top: 100px;

    Change the value of the margin depending on whether you want to move the logo up, down, left or right (margin-top, margin-left, margin-right, margin-bottom).

  3. If this code does not give the desired result, the identifier may be wrong – different designs often have different identifiers. You can find out what you need by viewing the source code. Move the cursor over the code pieces until only the logo lights up in the layout. Copy this identifier. In this example, your identifier is ‘logo’, so the line code you need to find should look like this:
    <div id="XXX" class="logo"> <img src="http://…" style="…"></div>

    If you see a different identifier or class, change the code above in the Header Code menu. Use ‘#’ when you are describing the object via the identifier -the ‘id’ value – and use ‘.’ instead of ‘#’ when describing the object via the class value.

  4. Save your work and see how the site looks on the different screens. Pay attention! The change may not be immediately visible in the layout you are editing, but it will be visible in the preview screens – click on the icon with the eye in the top right corner of your screen.
  5. If it looks good, copy this code into the header section of each page – note that the SEO settings are applied page by page. Tip: If you want to apply the Head Code code for the entire site, you can do that if you have version 3 of Sitebuilder: click on “Settings” and scroll down: the Head Code section here counts for all pages.
  6. If your mobile version does not look good, you must adjust the proportions of the image. OR when working on the Mobile tab, you can switch to the Creative Mode page and change the image all the time.
Updated on 3 September 2020

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