Manage and Import Content

Provides a place to store and retrieve images, files, and information for your site. The Images & Content section allows you to quickly add new images and access existing images, files and information. File size limit is 50 MB.

Note: Any file (text, image, video, and so on) uploaded to the system is publicly available. No personal and/or confidential information should be uploaded. To remove the file completely, delete the file from the picker.

Note: Changes made to specific widgets on the site override content added to the Content menu.


Import Content

  1. In the left panel, click on “Content” > “Import content”
  2. Type your Site URL or Facebook page and click “Import”.

Collect Content from a Client

  1. In the left panel, click on “Content” > ” Collect from the client”
  2. Copy and send the URL to the client so that they can upload their own content.
  3. To disable forms so clients cannot change the business information, select the check box.

Note: The Import Content tool does not always allow you to import all of the content on a site. It is limited by what our robots are able to see.

Manage Images

Select existing images in the Photo Gallery or add new custom images by clicking “Upload New Image”.

Manage Files

To upload a file, click “Upload New File”.
When hovering over the file, a gray “X” button appears in the top right corner. To delete files, click on the “X”.

Manage Form Responses

To delete responses received through a contact form, in the left panel, click “Content”, and then click “Manage Form Responses”.

The Form Responses page allows you to remove any response to any form on the site. You can search for relevant responses in the Search visitor info search box. Ensure you search for the exact name, phrase or characters.

Business Information

To add or edit information about your business, in the left panel, click “Content”, and then click “Business Info”. You can choose to enter one or more of the following:

  • phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • addresses
  • social accounts

This information will automatically be used in relevant widgets.

Add a Facebook Profile

When entering your Facebook URL in the URL section, make sure to use the proper Facebook ID for your page: + ID of the page

Find the Facebook Page ID

The Facebook Page ID is at the end of the URL, as shown in bold in the examples below:</wbr>123456789123456

Business Text

Give more information about your business to site visitors. Describe your business goals and explain why customers should use your products or services. In the left panel, click “Content”, and then click “Business Text”. Enter one or more paragraphs of information in the following sections:

  • About Us
  • Company Overview
  • Business Services

You can later reference this information when building your site.

Find and Replace

This tool lets you automatically search your site for certain addresses, phone numbers, emails, and social media options and replace them when you need to update them.

In the left panel, click “Content”, and then click “Find and Replace”.

Updated on 3 September 2020

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