How to implement Memcached in WordPress?

HINT: If you have a CMS hosting account (WordPress Performance, Magento Business, Joomla Express, Drupal Express, etc.), Combell will automatically choose the best caching method for you and configure it. You do not need to go through this procedure.

Follow these steps to implement Memcached to your WordPress:

  1. First make sure you Activate Memcached caching from your control pael You will need the IP and port number.
  2. Log in your WordPress backend.
  3. Check if the plugin “W3 Total Cache” is installed. If not, install it first.
  4. Follow “Performance” >> “General Settings” and make sure your “Object Cache Method” in “Object Cache” is set to Memcached.
  5. Next, go into the menu on the left to “Performance” or and then below to “Object Cache”.
  6. For memcached hostname:port/IP:port, enter the IP address followed by the port number, for example:
  7. Then click on “Save all settings”.
  8. Then go to “Page cache” and at “Memcached hostname: port/IP:port” again fill in the IP address and port as the example above.
  9. Save again by clicking “Save all settings”.

TIP: Memcached may sometimes not be the best fit with WordPress. Using Redis is a good alternative


Updated on 24 September 2020

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