How to configure my Basic mailbox in Hotmail? (basic mail)

  1. Log in your Hotmail accountLog in Hotmail accountEnter password
  2. After you are logged in your account, go to the upper right corner of your screen. Click on the gear wheel and choose “Connected accounts”.Overview emailsSettings and click on connected accounts
  3. Here you can add another email account, import your mail and manage it all at one place. To add a connected account, click on “Gmail” or “Other email accounts” depending on your account type.Add a connected account
  4. After you choose your connected account, you can fill in your email address and your password. You can also choose where the imported email will be stored. Click on the box to manually configure account settings. When you are ready, click “OK”.Fill name, email and password in and choose to manually configure account settings
  5. Here you can choose your connection type. Click “OK” to proceed.For IMAP:Choose connection type (IMAP)For POP:Choose connection type (POP)
  6. Fill in the email address, user name and password of your connected account.For IMAP:Fill in name, email and password (IMAP)For POP:Fill in name, email and password (POP)
  7. Browse to the bottom of the page to fill in your server information. Click “OK” to proceed.For IMAP:
        (port: 143; SSL port: 993)
    (port: 2525; SSL port: 465)

    Server information (IMAP)

    For POP:

        (port:110; SSL port: 995)
    (port: 2525; SSL port: 465)

    Server information (POP)

  8. Your account is now connected.Account is connected
  9. Log in your Hotmail account once again to see that the configuration of your connected account is completed.Overview emails with configuration
  10. Now you know how to connect to other accounts from Hotmail.Add connected account
Updated on 7 September 2020

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