How do widgets work?

To feel at ease when working with widgets perform the following exercise:

  1. Look at the left part of your screen. You have a widget menu with five widget sets: Basic, Social, Media, Advanced, and Controllers.
  2. To use a widget drag it and drop it straight onto the layout. Try one of the Basic ones for example.Widget from basic
  3. Hover over the widget you just inserted. At the upper left corner you will see five icons. These are your widget controllers.widget controllers
    1. With the gear wheel you open the widget’s editor. Have in mind: unlike the rest, this one works different for every widget!
    2. Click on the sliders to adjust the widget box design – margins, padding, background, borders, etc.
    3. To copy a widget, with its content and settings, click on the widget duplicate icon, drag and drop the replica where you want it.
    4. To move a widget, click on the cross – the widget move icon, drag and drop the replica where you want it.
    5. Delete your widget by clicking on the red X.

Now go ahead and explore all widgets!

Updated on 3 September 2020

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