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How can I move files from my computer to my VPS (Linux)

The root user of a VPS can upload files via SFTP if they do not have FTP users. Make this a connection on port 22 instead of 21 in your FTP program.

Note that the rights to these files then can only be changed by the root user.

Uw webserver zal ze hierdoor mogelijk niet kunnen aanspreken. // Therefore your server may not be able to locate them?

  1. Open your FTP client
    1. For HOST: put in your IP address
    2. For USERNAME: put in your root username
    3. For PASSWORD: put in your password
    4. For PORT: put in ’22’
  2. If a question pops up, select the option, that you trust the connection.Port 22
Updated on 5 March 2020

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