Comparing Exchange mailboxes


Exchange Express

Exchange Business

Promo € 10.00/month
Promo € 15.00/month
Mailbox 35 GB mailbox 50 GB mailbox
Associated e-mail addresses
independent of the mailbox
Unlimited Unlimited
Technology IMAP & POP3 IMAP & POP3
Backups Daily Daily
Restoring e-mails yourself from a backup
on all your devices
Direct Push
Immediate notification on your smartphone when a new e-mail comes in
Compatible with your e-mail client
such as Outlook, Apple Mail…
Webmail access - Outlook - Outlook
Spam filter & antivirus software
Detection of viruses, spam and spyware in your e-mails
Catch-all mailbox
E-mail address with your domain
Working online
Agendas (sharing) and task lists
Booking meeting rooms
Outlook license
Combell’s service
24/7 free support
via e-mail and a free phone number
Free transfer service
we transfer your Exchange or Office mailbox to our servers for free
Money-back guarantee
Up to 3 months after purchase
Flexmail demo account
Develop e-mail campaigns and test them free of charge
A demo can now be requested via the control panel A demo can now be requested via the control panel
Quality guarantee ISO 9001 / 27001 ISO 9001 / 27001
Promo € 10.00/month
Promo € 15.00/month
* Price for the 1st year; for the following years, normal price will apply.

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