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  • "Our Cloud Server grows along with our needs"

    Ben Vloemans,

  • "Our Cloud Server handles traffic peaks with great ease"

    Robert Costerus,

  • "All our collaborators work at a distance without any problems. Thanks to the Cloud Server"

    Stephane Vereecken ,
    Charlier Advocaten

  • "Sharing information online without having to purchase a server yourself? The Cloud is the future!"

    Hendrik Vermeiren,

  • "Handling the extra stream of visitors after the Motor Show has become child's play"

    Johan Vermeir,
    Mitsubishi Motors

  • "Our two offices share their information in real time thanks to the cloud"

    Hans Deconinck,
    Caruur Car & Truck Rental

  • "Our online shop is always available for our customers. And there is no risk of downtime for me"

    Kim Nuyts,


Robert Costerus

"After each e-mailing, our website receives over 10,000 extra visitors. So, we needed to have servers that can cope with our fluctuating needs. Thanks to our Private Cloud infrastructure, we are no longer afraid of such a stream of visitors."


Ben Vloemans

"How do you calculate the necessary capacity of a new server? We are a fast growing company and need extra server power at any time. Investing in our own devices is not a smart move. Cloud Servers at Combell are: they grow along with us."

Charlier Advocaten

Stephane Vereecken

"Thanks to Combell, our collaborators can access their data from anywhere. So, they are much more productive. And the Combell helpdesk is ready to help them night and day. Fortunately, in our company, the era of an in-house server has been over for a long time."


Hendrik Vermeiren

"Our consultants generally work from our customers' premises. Thanks to Combell's virtual office, they have access to central data from any place and can share information. And we did not have to invest in our own server. Thanks to Combell, the transition was child's play."

Mitsubishi Motors

Johan Vermeir

"During the Motor Show, our dealer portal receives many visitors. Temporarily increasing the capacity of an ordinary server was not an option. And even purchasing a more powerful server for those three weeks made no sense. Combell's Cloud Server was exactly what we were looking for."

Caruur car & truck rental

Hans Deconinck

"Our data must be available to our employees in both offices of our rental company. Via Combell's Cloud, everything is now hosted centrally, without us having to invest in servers ourselves. Combell also makes the necessary backups."


Kim Nuyts

"An online shop regularly copes with traffic peaks. But this is not a problem, thanks to the external hosting on Combell's servers. Our Cloud grows along with our company. And Combell's helpdesk is available day and night. This is a winner!"

Working from any place

The Cloud is always available everywhere. Do you have employees on the road? Multiple offices?
Would you like to keep working on your files at home in the evening? In the Cloud, that is not a problem.
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Less unnecessary costs

Today, your server is too big. And tomorrow, it will be too small. The Cloud always grows neatly along with you. And since you only pay for the capacity that you use, you can make huge savings.
Discover all the benefits

What is your company still doing today with an in-house server?

The Cloud can do everything your own server can. But it does it better. Because you no longer have to worry about back-ups, firewalls, maintenance and updates. In addition, you can work from anywhere. This way, you have more time to focus on your core business.

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