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The central storage infrastructure (SAN) uses NetApp technology, in part thanks to two type FAS31/40 controllers. Each controller is connected redundantly. Here too, the setup has an N+1 configuration. This means that one controller can completely stop working without any discomfort for the customer.

Each controller has an uptime guarantee of 99.999% offered by the manufacturer. Several disk shelves are connected to these redundant controllers, more particularly in a RAID-60 configuration with 2 spare disks. Choosing RAID-60 implies that 2 hard disks can fail simultaneously without any disruption of the Cloud service. Two new disks are indeed immediately started somewhere else, recover the previous situation, after which two disks can again fail without causing any problem.

2 shelf types are available in the Combell Cloud. You can choose between SAS disks (high performance with 15,000 rpm) and SATA disks (low performance with 7,200 rpm). Both shelf types are fully redundant. Combell advises the use of high performance disks for the operating system (OS) and the databases, while low performance disks are perfect for all other data types.

Each virtual machine on our Cloud is fully isolated in order to achieve optimum stability and security. Our system resources for storage are also fully isolated in their own strictly isolated LUN on the NetApp storage infrastructure. The storage volume is distributed logically over different physical disks within the SAN, where the RAID-60 configuration guarantees high performance.

The storage network (SAN) establishes entirely isolated connections between the hardware nodes. This is a completely isolated physical network exclusively dedicated to storage traffic. So, no other network traffic runs through these connections. Moreover, each node is redundant.

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