No inconvenience caused by other customers,Maximum performance

Maximum performance with a Cloud Server

No inconvenience caused by other customers

The power of Combell's virtualization lies in the fact that memory and processing power are exclusively allocated to your Cloud Server. Combell's specialists take care of round-the-clock maximum performance.

Our many years of expertise translated into practical applications

Not only did Combell make numerous calculations beforehand pertaining to the maximum load for the Combell Cloud, but our system administrators also monitor it actively.

For Combell, it is crucial to understand your business well. That way, we can perform the best analysis and monitoring we can possibly perform of your Cloud Server. Also, Combell does not only check if your server is available online. On request, we can also monitor the availability of business-critical applications. In other words, we increase the capacity of the Cloud Server according to your needs. If this is important for you, your best choice would be to check the 'Performance Monitoring' option when configuring your Cloud Server.

Storage with the best availability guarantees

Every virtual machine on our Cloud hosting infrastructure is fully isolated, for optimum stability and security. The system sources for storage are fully separated as well, in their own strictly isolated LUN on the NetApp storage infrastructure. The storage volume is logically shared over several physical disks within the SAN, and the RAID-60 configuration guarantees high performance.

The storage area network (SAN) creates a completely separate connection between the hardware nodes. This is a completely separate physical network for storage traffic only. In other words, no other network traffic goes through these connections. Furthermore, every node is redundant.

No overload ever thanks to Distributed Resource Scheduling

Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) is a VMware monitoring tool that is widely used by our system administrators. The tool shows us proactively that a certain Cloud Server would operate best if moved to other cloud platforms, in order to preserve optimum load balancing. Moving the virtual machines is then performed by means of what is called 'vMotion' and is done entirely in the background. The Cloud Server and all the applications that run on it do not experience any inconvenience from the entire process.

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