Reliable connections and amazing speedsA 10 Gbps network in the Benelux

The Combell network: reliable and at the cutting edge of technology

A 10 Gbps network you can rely on. Anytime and anywhere.

The performance of Cloud Servers is highly dependent on the underlying network. We at Combell have invested a lot of time and money into fine-tuning this aspect to perfection as well. The result for your Cloud Server? Amazing I/O speeds on our storage system and reliable connections to the outside world .

A reliable network at the cutting edge of technology

Combell manages its network itself and uses several high quality providers for network connectivity. The backbone networks of these providers are fully redundant: all the nodes in de backbone are connected to at least two other nodes by circuits that use a separate route. This creates a completely fault-tolerant network.

Combell always guarantees you the fastest connections.

The mutual data traffic between the different servers in the Combell network is free and unlimited. Combell's entire network infrastructure was designed by certified Juniper engineers and uses 'Laser Multiplexing' so it can always offer enough bandwidth. In case of an impending shortage, Combell will simply transmit a signal using a new 'colour' and thereby free many Gbps of extra bandwidth.

Optimised for all types of traffic

Combell also makes sure that its network is perfectly isolated for all the different types of traffic. There is for instance a private LAN for production, storage, backup and the management of the virtual components. Thanks to these separate networks, you can get the most out of your Cloud Server.

Combell's network is a major asset, internationally too

Besides Combell's four nodes in its Belgian data centres, which offer an upload speed of no less than 70 Gbit/s, a new infrastructure has now been implemented in our data centre in the Netherlands as well. The data transfer rate of the connection between our Dutch data centre and our Belgian data centres is now 100 Gbit/s.

Infrastructure directly connected to AMS-IX

Combell has chosen to connect its own infrastructure directly to AMS-IX, because this offers many advantages. The biggest one would come to the forefront if a failure should occur on the level of the physical hardware, which would interrupt network connectivity. The noticeable interruption for our customers can now be reduced to mere seconds, where in other cases (without an infrastructure of their own), they would be looking at a loss of at least 90 seconds.

By managing the infrastructure ourselves and not working with an intermediary as is so often the case, Combell also creates more transparency within its network. When localizing problems, we can thus work faster and in a more targeted manner.

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