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Permanent support, notifications and interventions

When Combell’s central management system picks up an alert notification, it is immediately dispatched to the most qualified person to respond to it. Permanent monitoring indeed ensures the correct functioning of your servers 24/7. A superior process of role-based routing ensures that, a specialist with the necessary skills can be notified at any time.

Combell makes three roles available at any given time:

  • The primary engineer will receive the problem notification in most cases and will respond appropriately.
  • The secondary engineer receives the problem notification if the primary engineer cannot immediately respond positively to the notification or is unavailable.
  • At any time, a responsible member of operational management is on standby to assess complex situations in consultation with the customer or, if necessary, to take action.

The routing of the alert notifications goes through an SMS centre equipped with the mechanisms necessary for high availability: the SMS centre is redundant in a cluster configuration. Should the SMS service happen to fail anyway, a telephone service will automatically call the primary engineer and the contact centre. This is how Combell prevents potential loss of an alert notification.

Every time an alert notification is sent to the primary engineer, the Combell contact centre also contacts him/her to confirm that he/she is taking care of the incident. If not, the contact centre notifies the second engineer or management. There is also the option for customers with a Pro SLA where the SMS centre sends a copy of the alert notification to the customer. The engineer and/or the contact centre will in any given case notify the customer of the incident, the solution or the expected repair time.

Thanks to an flawless intervention process and the elimination of all single points of failure, Combell guarantees consistent response and recovery times under any circumstances. In case of serious problems, management will directly contact the customer in order to evaluate the situation together, while both engineers work on the incident. In principle, action is taken only after consultation with the customer.

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