Always protected thanks toHigh Availability technology

Always protected thanks to the High Availability technology

You no longer depend on one single physical server

Thanks to the High Availability technology (HA), you no longer depend on one single physical server. Your Cloud Server runs as part of a setup that includes several clusters of servers, which can take over at any time in case of a hardware failure. In mere minutes, your Cloud Server is running at full power again, often without you even noticing.

Spare parts are always available

On a classic server, your website or application becomes unavailable as soon as a component fails. This is yet another reason why you should go for a Cloud Server. Failed hardware within the Combell Cloud Hosting is replaced in no time, and even when this occurs, you usually do not even notice it. There is always a spare part available (redundancy) that can immediately take over for a failed component. Our system administrators are instantly notified and repair the failed component, without you noticing anything.

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