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Combell leases high quality Cloud hosting on a monthly basis, which frees you of prior investments (purchase, setup fees). Neither will you have to pay for expensive upgrades or renewals when your capacity has become too low. Combell carries the costs for the purchasing and upgrading of the Cloud infrastructure. Moreover, we make sure that all hardware and software within our Cloud remains up-to-date. Thanks to virtualisation, our system administrators can replace your physical hardware or add servers without any discomfort on your end.

Furthermore, every Combell server in our Public Cloud benefits by default of VMware’s High Availability feature. This means that in case of hardware failures on the physical machine on which your Cloud environment runs, your virtual machine is launched on another server available in the Cloud. Thus, downtime is virtually inexistent. Our system administrators also immediately get a notification and subsequently replace the faulty hardware in the background. With Cloud technology you are thus, unlike with traditional dedicated hosting, no longer vulnerable to hardware problems.

Combell’s Cloud infrastructure has an N+1 configuration. This means that everything is redundant and that therefore, you can always lose one complete hardware node without experiencing any kind of difficulty.

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