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The days of the classic Dedicated Server are numbered. Where before, you were dependent on one or several machines that were hardly compatible, you can now put your mind at ease with a Cloud Server. Virtualization allows for your network equipment, storage system and servers to operate in perfect harmony well with only one aim: maximum uptime for your server.

The focus on memory, computing power, storage capacity, I/O and bandwidth

The core idea behind Cloud computing is to not put the focus on hardware, but on what your application or website needs: memory, computing power, storage capacity, I/O and bandwidth. Cloud evokes the image of a cloud in the sky, which represents the Internet and the parts and actions that no longer happen exclusively via one single machine or server.

For instance: you own a web shop. Traditionally, the Christmas holidays are the busiest period of the year. Before, you had to purchase extra servers to prepare for it, but once the busy period was over, you could not just cancel these extra servers. With Cloud Servers, this is now possible. If you anticipate a busy period ahead, you can very easily rent some extra capacity. When that busy period is over, you can reduce your capacity. You can upgrade or downgrade on a monthly basis.

You only pay for what you need

With a traditional Dedicated Server, you had to predict which capacity your website or applications would need in - let's say - five years. But these days are over. Now, you have the opportunity to start small and grow when you need to.

What is unique with Combell is that when you use several Cloud Servers, the resources do not get limited per server. For instance, you have five Cloud Servers with 4 GHz processing power each. If one Cloud Server needs more processing power, it can use the unused processing power of other servers. So, we set quotas on a group level, not individually per Cloud Server. This makes our cloud hosting even more flexible.

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