VMware ConsolidatedBackup

VMware Consolidated Backup

For its Cloud infrastructure, Combell uses VMware Consolidated Backup. This backup solution has been configured in such a way that a complete backup (snapshot) of the virtual machines is made every day.

These snapshots are saved to an external storage device in another data centre, so that you can simultaneously have an offsite backup at your disposal. The backup is made every day, which means the maximum data loss is 24 hours. The data retention period is 30 days. A recovery can be performed up to file level. Since a backup of your system is performed every day, this backup is maximum 24 hours old. In other words, you can only lose a maximum of 24 hours of data (so the RPO is 24 hours).

Should the backup of your server fail, our system administrators will immediately receive a notification. They will also immediately notify you that the backup failed and offer you the following choice:

Either the backup is launched during daytime, or you can skip the failed backup and wait until the following night. In such an exceptional situation, your backup can therefore be no more than 48 hours old. The recovery time of the entire system strongly depends on the amount of data and the number of files that have to be restored. Thanks to snapshot technology, this duration (RTO) can however always be reduced to a minimum.

Besides the daily backup, a ‘dump’ of the databases is also performed every day. These dumps of your databases are saved in a secure folder and made available via FTP. By default, during that process, the FTP port on our firewall is closed for security reasons. You can only access the secure folder via an SSL VPN connection. So, if your VPN connection was not set up correctly, you will not be able to access the folder with your databases. Since all the data have to run through the VPN connection when you check them, all the data in transit are encrypted for optimum security.

Backups allow for very fast disaster recovery in case of a full system crash. A new server is brought online, on which the backup data are restored. Moreover, the fault-tolerant architecture makes the recovery less urgent. In the meantime, the application indeed remains available on the other servers.

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