Support and incident management

Combell guarantees the best possible response and recovery times at any moment thanks to a ticket-based support system. Moreover, we are proud of our many years of expertise in customer-oriented approach and striving for the highest possible customer satisfaction levels.

Our collaborators can help you at any given time in three languages (English, Dutch and French). All the support staff receive internal training that took up at least two years for the senior support collaborators.

Thanks to strict operational processes that make a distinction between ‘standard’ support tasks and ‘incident management’, Combell guarantees the availability of specialists and ultrafast recovery at any time when a critical incident occurs.

Via the extensive documentation of each system, which was put together very carefully during the implementation process and is updated automatically on a daily basis, Combell’s specialists have the correct information at their disposal to immediately take appropriate action when necessary. The specialists in the incident management department also have a direct line to the systems architect who managed the implementation process.

Combell has developed a series of tools of its own, with which support specialists can quickly analyse and solve problems. Via an internal portal site, they have direct access to the central inventory database that contains all the relevant data per server. All the environmental factors in the data centre are permanently stored in the inventory (all servers, components, switches, cables…).

If an incident occurs, Combell’s specialists have all the information about the customer, the servers, interdependency, potential specific features or procedures, login data, etc. at their disposal. A plethora of tools is directly linked to the inventory database for enhanced efficiency. At any given time, Combell can create a visual representation of the rack in which the server is located, without being physically present in the data centre.

Customers with a Pro SLA package receive direct access to senior support, for an even better response time. Through a separate process for professional customers, Combell guarantees you that you will receive the appropriate priority level at any time. For larger projects, our incident management specialists participate in a special kick-off meeting. This way, they can have prior knowledge of potential specific features and procedures for your systems.

All Combell customers can also find answers to simple questions online via the support pages.

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