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The benefits of cloud server hosting

The benefits of a Combell Cloud Server

The best uptime guarantee

Where before you were dependent on one or several machines that were hardly compatible, you can now put your mind at ease with a Cloud Server. Virtualization allows for your network equipment, storage system and servers to operate in perfect harmony well with only one aim: maximum uptime for your server.

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Rock-solid SLAs with recovery waiting times

What makes Combell unique are our rock-solid SLAs with guaranteed recovery waiting times. Depending on the SLA you choose, you can rely on recovery waiting times that comply with the needs of your website or application. Combell's specialists use advanced tools to guarantee this to you.

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You do not depend on one single physical server

Thanks to the High Availability technology (HA), you no longer depend on one single physical server. Your Cloud Server runs as part of a setup that includes several clusters of servers, which can take over at any time in case of a hardware failure. In mere seconds, your Cloud Server is running at full power again, often without you even noticing.

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Guaranteed resources

The power of Combell's virtualization lies in the fact that memory, processing power and I/O are exclusively reserved for your Cloud Server. With a Cloud Server, you will not experience any inconvenience caused by other customers. Combell's specialists take care of round-the-clock maximum performance.

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Robust and fast network

The performance of Cloud Servers is highly dependent on the underlying network. We at Combell have invested a lot of time and money into fine-tuning this aspect to perfection. The result for your Cloud Server? Amazing I/O speeds on our storage system and reliable connections to the outside world.

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Renowned VMware Virtualisation

We use virtualization based on VMware. For years, this has been the best solution for professional virtualization with rock-solid guarantees. Over 99% of the companies in the Fortune Global 500, a ranking of the top 500 corporations worldwide as measured by revenue, use this technology. Go for Combell and you too will be able to enjoy it.

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High-Performance Technology

Our Cloud hosting is based on the 'best practices' available on the market. By deliberately choosing proven concepts and setups, we reduce the risk of failure. For our Cloud, we also choose market leaders like VMware, Juniper and NetApp.

Risk spreading thanks to unique Mini Clouds

Even if our SSD infrastructure has been duplicated and isolated in every possible manner, due diligence requires us not to put all our eggs in one basket. We at Combell resolutely choose risk spreading. Instead of centralising all the technology on one single cloud platform, we implement the same solution on several smaller Clouds. This is unique in the Benelux.

Experience since 1999

Have you never heard of Combell before? We have been the market leader in the Benelux since 1999, offering various hosting solutions. Not only do we offer Cloud Servers with enough freedom for you as an IT company or integrator, but we also like to brainstorm with you when you need more challenging and complex solutions.

Border Gateway Protocol

Thanks to the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Combell’s two data centres, which are connected with their own fibre optics, are combined into one single logical network.

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The physical access to Combell’s data centre, inside the excellently protected infrastructure of InterXion, is very strictly regulated. At any given time (24/7), specifically trained security people on location will monitor the access to the building and its usage.

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Combell’s Cloud infrastructure has an N+1 configuration. This means that everything is redundant and that therefore, you can always lose one complete hardware node without experiencing any kind of difficulty.

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Green hosting

Combell provides green hosting. For all decisions and investments, Combell takes power consumption and other environmental aspects as much into account as possible.

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The central storage infrastructure (SAN) uses NetApp technology, in part thanks to two type FAS31/40 controllers. Each controller is connected redundantly.

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VMware Consolidated Backup

For its Cloud infrastructure, Combell uses VMware Consolidated Backup. This backup solution has been configured in such a way that a complete backup (snapshot) of the virtual machines is made every day.

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Implementation of your project

The implementation process starts immediately after signing the contract. During this process, your project is assigned to your personal project manager.

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Combell guarantees the best possible response and recovery times at any moment thanks to a ticket-based support system. Moreover, we are proud of our many years of expertise in customer-oriented approach and striving for the highest possible customer satisfaction levels.

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Permanent support, notifications and interventions

When Combell’s central management system picks up an alert notification, it is immediately dispatched to the most qualified person to respond to it.

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