SiteBuilder Widgets Ready-made widgets

Ready-made widgets Everything to build your own website

In order to make things easier for you, our Sitebuilder is packed with ready-made widgets.
All you need to do is drag them into your website and you are done.

SiteBuilder's gallery widget


Bring your website to life with pictures. With the Gallery widget, you can add multiple pictures to your website in no time.
In addition, SiteBuilder allows you to access a database with professional pictures.


Allow your visitors to share their experience with your company / website via a guestbook.
This way, you will make your website more dynamic.

SiteBuilder's guestbook widget
SiteBuilder's opening hours widget

Opening hours

Do you own a store? Many visitors come to your website to check your opening hours.
With the opening hours widget, you can add them to your website in seconds.

Google Maps

Where is your company or store located? Via this handy widget, you can add a map of Google Maps to your website.

Google Maps for your website
Contact form widget with SiteBuilder

Contact form

Add 1 of our 7 standard contact forms to your website. Do you need a custom solution anyway? With the form manager, you can easily create your own form.

Professional widgets Build your own website in a few clicks

A very comprehensive collection of widgets for a professional website: galleries, contact forms, social media widgets...
Everything has been done to make sure you can build an elegant website, without any technical knowledge.

Add media

  • Image
  • Image carousel
  • Gallery
  • YouTube
  • File
  • Flash

Ready-made widgets

  • Contact form
  • Guestbook
  • Opening hours
  • Google Maps
  • Payment methods
  • World clock
  • QR code
  • Calculation modules

Basic features

  • Text
  • Text & Image
  • Columns
  • Accordion
  • Tabs
  • Dividing line
  • Button
  • Spot

Integrate Social Media

    • Facebook Like
    • Facebook Feed
    • Facebook Comments
    • Twitter Follow us
    • Embedding
    • RSS
    • AddThis

Do you need a custom solution ?

Form manager

With the form manager, you can quickly create your own form. You can choose the input fields that you need.
Are you tired of receiving spam? With the captcha feature, you can get rid of it for good.


With the HTML widget, you can enjoy complete freedom if you know HTML. Paste your own HTML code in this widget and you are done.

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