The results of the survey on the way the landrush for numeric .NL domain names took place have been divulged

ISPConnect (the association of Dutch professional hosting companies), of which COMBELL is also a member, has divulged the results of its survey. At the request of its members, the association looked into the landrush for numeric .nl domain names. Results now indicate that over 97% consider that the landrush took place unfairly and 61% plainly call it a fiasco. Moreover, three quarters of the members weren’t able to connect to the mail server of the SIDN (the foundation that manages the .nl domains) during approximately 36 minutes. For that reason, a very large number of members demand a stricter supervision of the SIDN and this demand might well be met. Last week, at the Chamber, the SP asked a few questions to the Minister of Economic Affairs. The SP pleads for stricter governmental control and would prefer to have the SIDN dismantled straight away.