Successful web stores need first-class hosting services

  • 6 May 2013
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The world’s top 2000 e-commerce sites take an average of 7.25 seconds to load; the top 100 even take 8.23 seconds. Why this sluggishness?

Monitoring company Radware did the test and came to the conclusion that this downward trend that was already observed in 2011 has now become even worse. Radware analysed the performance of the 2000 e-commerce websites that, according to the information provided by Alexa, had the most visitors. In December 2011, the average load time for these 2000 sites was 5.94 seconds (so 1 out of every 2 sites exceeded this time). In June 2012, it was 6.50 seconds and in December 2012, it was even 7.25 seconds. So, in just one year, there has been a slowdown of no less than 22%. And results are even worse for the top 100 e-commerce sites, whose average load time is 8.23 seconds.

What is the cause of all this? On the one hand, there is the fact that a larger number of requests are sent to retrieve elements from certain servers. These elements may include images, HTML code, CSS and JavaScript files... In December 2011, there was an average of 73 of them. One year later, this number went up to 79 (showing an increase of 8.22%).

On the other hand, the pages themselves have become heavier and more complex. The average page size increased from 665 kB in December 2010 to 1163 kB in December 2012. But they have also become more complex due to the fact that they connect to external servers, using scripts, for e.g. web analytics, social networks and advertising.

So, what about the “3 second rule”? Because people have been told for years that a page should take a maximum of 3 seconds to load. Otherwise, visitors would not come back. Apparently, big e-commerce sites think they can simply ignore this rule: their reputation is established, users are “addicts” and will certainly show patience and wait until the page is loaded. There is nothing wrong with this approach, as long as the site enjoys great renown… But what if a competitor shows up, and observes the 3 second rule? So, it is essential that you make sure your web store always loads fast. Combell specialists can help you with this.