Start-up Kadonation distributes gifts in Combell’s Cloud

The Belgian start-up, which is currently using Combell’s Cloud Angel Webfund, relies on the principle of birth and wedding lists. But the company is quite unique, since it makes it possible for several people to contribute for a bigger gift!

Everyone is probably familiar with this situation: you organise a party for a birthday, the wedding anniversary of your mom and dad, the engagement of your son or daughter… You invite friends and family, and everyone brings a gift to the party. Since most of your friends and family members are probably not Rockefellers, their little gifts are well-intentioned, but still, they are quite modest. So why not have several people contribute for a bigger gift, so that the guest of honour can get his dream gift?

Kadonation enjoys the Cloud Angel WebfundAnd that is precisely the aim of start-up Kadonation, whose name combines three aspects on which the business relies: kado (‘gift’ in Dutch), donation, and nation – donating a gift together. Kadonation, which is currently being helped by the Combell Cloud Angel Webfund, is a digital money pool, where everyone can contribute to a group gift, charity or a group activity. The organiser creates a page, determines the aim, and invites friends and family to contribute. Payment is easy: participants can use Visa, Maestro, Carte Bleue or Mastercard. The collected money can then be used to buy gifts from partner shops (including United Brands, Coolblue and Connections), but it can also be transferred to a bank account. Find out more details in this funny YouTube video.

Good hosting does not come for free

The start-up was launched in early 2014. Back then, many technical and legal issues had to be solved. For the hosting of the website and the associated app, the young entrepreneurs found a provider that offered attractive prices, but which could not provide guarantees of service – staff took too long to answer tickets, and there was no 24/7 helpdesk. For a start-up, this is not a good thing at all. When Kadonation founder Fabrice Guillermin heard about Combell’s Cloud Angel Webfund initiative (via incubator iMinds), he grabbed this opportunity with both hands.

Fabrice gives this piece of advice to all start-ups:

“As a start-up, you want to save costs at all levels, including hosting. This is why newly established businesses initially often have their servers hosted by cheap providers. However, the Cloud Angel Webfund provides a perfect solution to this problem: hosting with outstanding service, free of charge for 1 year. Promising start-ups should go for it in total confidence.”

The Kadonation team is currently composed of three people: Fabrice is in charge of the back-end, Seppe of the front-end, and co-founder Bruce of sales. The platform has been programmed in Laravel, a PHP-based framework. Combell provides 1 cloud server with a Debian/Linux environment, and also makes Veeam backups. Kadonation signed an SLA Pro for the cloud servers, so that possible problems can be solved in no time.

By the summer of 2016, Kadonation hopes to attract 10,000 users on their platform. This may be a good idea for you too if you need to organise a party or if you want to surprise someone… Do not forget that great oaks from little acorns grow!


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