Focus on your business thanks to IT outsourcing

At times, IT management is a bit like gardening as far as your organisation or business is concerned, with IT outsourcing being similar to hiring a gardener. Gardening is great. Anyone blessed with green fingers undoubtedly appreciates the benefits provided by the garden. And in due course, the result will be a lovely place. That is... providing you maintain it on a regular basis, and have the necessary gardening knowledge. If not, the results can also be somewhat disappointing.

It is exactly the same with your company’s IT infrastructure. With the right approach and regular maintenance, you can have a comfortable, digital environment.

What is Kubernetes and why is it so attractive?

Kubernetes (or 'k8s' in techie talk) is a system for managing large groups of containers and containerised applications. This technique allows you to control the operation of containers – a process called 'Container Orchestration'. Kubernetes was originally developed by Google, but it eventually found a place in the open source community. Thanks to an open standard such as Docker, containers have become quite popular. With Kubernetes, you can manage a lot of containers – really a lot – without losing the big picture.

Today, scalability is achieved by horizontal scaling: more servers, instead of larger and more powerful ones.

Jonas Dhaenens received the ‘Voka Legende 2019’ award

The year 2019 will probably stay in the memory of Combell CEO Jonas Dhaenens for a long time. Earlier this year, he received awards from Computable and Vlerick Business School. And more recently, he also won the title of “Voka Legende 2019”, which is quite an honour!

A Voka award, following in the footsteps of illustrious predecessors

Voka is the Flemish network of companies that acts as the umbrella organisation for the eight regional chambers of commerce, representing more than 18,000 companies. It strives for a business-friendly working environment and protects the interests of companies.

InTouch digital mobility applications require high-performance IT infrastructure

Digital transformation is also on the rise in cities and municipalities. They are putting all their efforts into becoming 'smart cities', which are boosting their operational efficiency through the use of ICT. In doing so, they are not only improving the quality of the public services they provide, but also the well-being of their citizens. Sint-Truiden-based company InTouch specialises in such smart services. They have developed mobility software that makes life easier for local authorities, police districts and citizens. 

Digital permits and their enforcement

InTouch's flagship products currently revolve around digital permits.

Yesplan: the Combell cloud as an efficient solution to our specific needs

Cultural centres also want to work more efficiently, and the ERP software Yesplan helps them achieve their digital automation goals. Yesplan chose Combell to host its software platform. Wouter Vermeylen and Johan Brichau from Yesplan explain why.

Yesplan: automated back office for cultural centres

Yesplan is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) ERP system that is specifically used in a particular sector, i.e. culture. The software platform was originally created for the Vooruit in Ghent, as a means of automating the back office of this cultural centre. But since then, it has grown into a platform that can be found in 9 European countries, where 250 theatres and pop venues are now using Yesplan.

Google Chrome to penalise slow websites with warnings

Google will soon warn users of its browser against slow loading websites. This may, of course, deter your visitors, resulting in missed sales opportunities. We are therefore going to help you optimise your website before it is too late. 

Google continues to strive for a better user experience

Responsive websites are rewarded

Search giant Google, which is also the creator of the Chrome browser, has set itself the goal of making the users' experience as optimal as possible – whether they are using a mobile device or a laptop/desktop computer to surf the Internet.

So you want to buy a cheap domain name? Be careful!

When it comes to choosing a company to register your domain name with, focusing on the price alone may not be the smartest thing to do. Because a cheap domain name could turn out to be an expensive deal. But what exactly should you consider?

Is your domain name still available?

How much does a domain name cost?

When you look at the price of a domain name, you have to distinguish between two separate costs: the purchase price for a domain that is taken and the actual registration fee for the domain name.

Business growth: what is the best growth strategy?

How big do you see the future? Developing your business to its full potential is not always easy. Every phase has its own growing pains. Obstacles, external factors and rules of the game often require more consideration than anticipated. And looking far enough ahead is the key to success. Combell itself once went through all the necessary steps, from start-up to international top player. This valuable experience is an essential basis for helping start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and large companies to implement their growth strategy efficiently, safely, quickly and with enough ambition.

Help! My domain name is taken… Now what?

You have a creative idea for your company, and you want to register the corresponding domain name. Unfortunately, that domain name is already taken. But do not worry! We will show you how you can get hold of the ideal domain name anyway.

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Is my domain name still available?

The time has finally come: your business plan is all set, you have come up with a name for your company and you are confident that the Internet will help you find the domain name that best suits your project.

Vlerick Venture Award for Jonas Dhaenens

The Vlerick Award rewards alumni who stand out for their leadership. We are therefore particularly proud that our CEO Jonas Dhaenens received the Vlerick Venture Award in 2019. As for the Vlerick Enterprise Leading Award, it was won by Conny Vandendriessche, co-founder of Accent Jobs. Here is a brief explanation about this prestigious achievement. 

Vlerick Awards reward positive impact on society

Vlerick Business School is Europe's oldest business and management school, founded by André Vlerick in 1953. This professor and politician strongly believed that companies are the driving force behind progress and prosperity.

Grow Together: the right tools make all the difference

Grow Together is mainly about being practical, a place where you can learn new things. Almost 200 creative studios and agencies came to the first edition of this event on 24 September to attend the various workshops and presentations. Here is how things went... 

Using your own strengths

Creative studios, web agencies and marketing agencies like to collaborate. After all, exchanging experiences allows them to provide an even better service to their customers. They enrich each other and grow together.

In this context, it is important that you use your own strengths when dealing with your core business, and that you outsource or automate all other matters.

10 reasons to register your domain name with Combell

Your domain name is the first step to a thriving business. It is therefore crucial that you choose a reliable partner to register your domain name – one that can help you further develop your business. Combell is such a partner, and we are going to tell you why. 

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Carefully choose where to register your domain name

There are many places on the Internet where you can register your domain name. And you might think that it does not matter where you do it, as long as the service provided is cheap.