Tailor made managed hosting by Combell – from request to transfer

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” A good old IT adage that still holds true today. Organisations indeed often reach the limits of their IT infrastructure first before they are willing to change. Nonetheless, the risks of a transfer are predictable and, given proper preparation, also completely avoidable. Each year, Combell Migration Teams carry out a couple of thousand technical migrations. They have extensive experience and follow proven procedures. Your transfer to Combell is therefore a memorable but not actually a particularly tense moment. What exactly can you expect of the traject to our tailor made hosting?

The baby’s corner is taking big steps in online retail thanks to Combell hosting

Over the past 20 years, the baby’s corner has grown into a comprehensive concept for mums, babies and children. Today, young parents and their friends are spending more time online than ever before. The step towards an attractive, diverse and extensive online range is therefore self-evident and ambitious at the same time. Since 2015, Combell has been helping to achieve the digital transformation of a classic retail concept.

For the perfect baby registry, you can stop by the baby’s corner. After all, everything that babies and their parents (or grandparents) need and personal advice go hand in hand.

Survey by DNS Belgium: more attention to domain name and security

Insites Consulting carried out a survey on behalf of DNS Belgium into domain name extensions to gain an understanding of the domain name market. Part of the survey was to establish how extensive the knowledge about domain names is: what they are, what you do with them, why it is important, and which extensions are known about. Which factors influence a user’s trust, or otherwise, in a website?

The survey focused on four different groups: the average Belgian, the TLD users (those who have already registered one or more domains), enterprising persons (those who are interested in running a business but have not yet registered a domain name), and potential TLD users (enterprising persons and average Belgians who intend to register a domain name in the future).

Combell CEO Jonas Dhaenens crowned IT Person of the Year

The ICT news site Computable chose “our” Jonas, CEO of Combell, as IT Person of the Year. The jury praised him for his commitment, including to his staff. Congratulations, Jonas!

Strong competition

This is the fourth time that the editors of Computable, the news site for ICT professionals with a focus on Belgium, have presented their IT Person of the Year award. In the past, serial entrepreneur Peter Hinssen, Dominique Leroy (CEO of Proximus) and Danielle Jacobs (General Manager of Beltug) already won this title. But this year, the jury chose Jonas Dhaenens, founder and CEO of Combell.

Comodo SSL certificates are now branded Sectigo, but there is more to it than that…

It was originally announced that the transition from Comodo to Sectigo SSL certificates would only involve a change of name and logo. However, it now turns out that there has also been a change in the root structure, which is causing problems for some customers. So, here is a news update...

A change in the root structure

In our article entitled “The brand of your SSL certificate undergoes a name change: Comodo is now Sectigo”, we announced that this process would involve a purely external change in the name and logo to be used for the SSL certificate.

Combell’s 20th anniversary: that surely deserves a new corporate identity!

We are proud to present our new website! Our well-known offering and services now come in a new, contemporary style. A new corporate identity, cleverly designed to reflect Combell's values and to highlight our extensive professional range. But there is more to it than just picking a colour. Let us take you behind the scenes to discover months of preparatory work.

Combell celebrates its 20th anniversary

It is quite a big step, from the small one-man business that 16-year-old Jonas Dhaenens founded back in 1999, to nowadays' Combell, which hosts two thirds of Belgian websites.

Combell & Kubernetes: past the hype, a new generation of Cloud applications

Containers, Docker, Kubernetes… All these concepts are currently very trendy, and everyone is using them, or wants to use them. And this is no different at Combell. The technology has been on the radar for over five years and we have been using it in-house for quite a while now. Is it time to make an offer to our customers? Let us discuss this with Wesley, Thijs, Jachim and Maarten.

The evolution from virtualisation to containers has changed technology. But has it also changed the way of thinking about ICT?

From dedicated servers came virtualisation, and from there came the Cloud.

Combell helps VDV consultants eliminate stress when it comes to backups

In 2018, Antwerp-based accounting firm VDV consultants decided to play it safe by having Combell handle their internal servers for them, which provides a higher level of protection and more flexibility. Employees can now work for customers remotely or on premises, and ICT is no longer an obstacle to the further growth of the office. “Above all, it brings us peace of mind”, says director Marc Van Gysel.

Good advice is definitely worth paying for. With advice on business, tax, accounting, bookkeeping and legal matters, the ‘Van der Steen, Diels, Van Gysel’ firm focuses primarily on companies and liberal professions.

Be careful as Brexit could cause you to lose your .eu domain!

.eu domains are reserved for companies, organisations and private individuals based in the EU. With Brexit, British companies and residents lose the right to use their .eu domain. And that may happen as early as 30 March 2019. So, what is going on? And what concrete steps can you take?

European Commission regulation on .eu domains

In March 2018, the European Commission already ruled on the consequences that Brexit would have on .eu domain holders. “As of the withdrawal date, undertakings and organisations that are established in the United Kingdom but not in the EU and natural persons who reside in the United Kingdom will no longer be eligible to register .eu domain names or, if they are .eu registrants, to renew .eu domain names registered before the withdrawal date.” (EURid: Brexit Notice)

This measure applies to all domain holders (registrants) with a GB (Great Britain) or GI (Gibraltar) country code.

PHPBenelux has just celebrated its 10th anniversary!

The PHPBenelux conference in Edegem was once again a success. There was an exhilarating atmosphere in the hallways, some interesting talks to gain new insights, and many cordial networking moments. Here is how this special day went…

10 years PHPBenelux, and 20 years Combell

It has already been 10 years since the first big day of the PHP programming language was held. From a small conference organised by the local community, which attracted 150 participants from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, PHPBenelux has now grown into an international event, spread over 2 days.

Will your website survive DNS Flag Day?

From DNS Flag Day onwards, all DNS servers will have to comply with the new EDNS standard. Otherwise, the domains they point to will become unreachable. Why this important step? And is your website at risk of being taken offline?

Why EDNS is necessary

EDNS (Extension Mechanisms for DNS), a new standard that offers the DNS protocol more possibilities, has been under development since 1999. EDNS could, for example, be used to build in DNS Cookies. And that would be a major leap forward in the fight against DDoS attacks, which are based on abuse of the DNS protocol.

DataScouts taps into strategic market information in the Combell cloud

Ghent-based start-up DataScouts helps companies build and implement their marketing strategy and business development. Publicly available information is brought together using dozens of sources, which helps provide better visibility and decision-making. “Companies find it difficult to make such information exploitable by themselves, which is why we help them overcome the difficulties they encounter in carrying out this task”, says DataScouts CEO Ingrid Willems.

In many sectors, the competitive landscape is changing ever faster. Market conditions are often volatile. For both young and established organisations, small and large, it is now of vital importance to be able to react quickly.