Meltdown, Spectre and what Combell is doing about them

You may have heard about them in the news over the past few days: two security flaws, called Meltdown and Spectre, which mainly affect Intel processor. In this post, we will explain in plain English what this is all about and what Combell is doing about these security flaws to protect its infrastructure.

What’s in a name?

Security researchers have recently discovered two security issues present mainly in Intel processors, which probably affect most of the devices produced over the past 20 years. And since it has now become a trend to find scary names to use in the media, these vulnerabilities have been named Meltdown and Spectre.

8 easy steps to plan a good website

You have an idea to change the world as we know it. Being successful requires you to maintain a top level online presence.

You. Need. A. Good. Plan.

Planning your website ahead of time gives you a clear direction. It guarantees a positive reaction among your audience and helps you build loyalty in your community. Follow this 8-step guide to create an online strategy that gets you results.

1. Identify your purpose

What is the goal of your website? Build the entire structure to correspond to your mission. Here are some possibilities:

  • Information

  • Sales

  • Recruitment

  • Create a community

  • Call to action

Now ask yourself what your target audience is and what they respond to.

What is new in PHP 7.2?

On 30 November 2017, the PHP community announced the release of PHP 7.2. More specifically, this is the second feature update to the PHP 7 series.

Building on the achievements of PHP 7

PHP 7 was released at the end of 2015 and marked a new era for the programming language and the associated community, which have gone through some major changes over the last few years.

PHP is a very accessible language, which is sometimes discredited by language purists in the development world. The reality, however, is that more than 83% of all websites on the Internet are written in PHP.

AutoGit: free automatic deployment for Combell customers

Websites and web services are never really finished – it is always necessary to optimise them and deploy new features. Combell’s new tool AutoGit makes it much easier and safer to implement these new features. But what exactly is it?

Git allows for faster website development and updating

Before a website or web service goes live, its code is first written by developers, on their own laptops or development servers. After that, this code is uploaded online, to the hosting cluster that the customer rents from Combell. For this purpose, developers traditionally used FTP (File Transfer Protocol), an old protocol that is reliable, but cumbersome at the same time.

SwingGroup relies on Combell’s high level security for its incentive technology

Motivating people to push themselves to achieve better results. That is SwingGroup’s core business. The Belgian company provides a SaaS tool that allows companies to provide their staff, suppliers, dealers, etc. with an incentive or reward so that they can improve their business performance in a more targeted manner. In order to host the campaigns they run for their customers, they chose Combell’s high security cloud servers, where data security is guaranteed.

SwingGroup: online incentive and loyalty programs

Bruges-based SwingGroup has been active in incentive and reward campaigns for businesses since 2004.

Combell won a Twinkle Award again!

The Awards ceremony was held for the second consecutive year. Not only did Combell receive an Award in the Hosting & Domain category, but several Combell customers also won an award or were awarded an honourable mention. Well done!

Twinkle Awards: for online shops and online shop suppliers

The Dutch e-commerce platform has been organising the Twinkle Awards ceremony for many years. This year,, which is intended for Belgian online merchants, organised its own Twinkle Awards for the second time.

The purpose of the Twinkle Awards ceremony is twofold.

Bostoen opts for IT outsourcing in the Combell cloud

Bostoen and Combell: coming home in the Cloud

Residential property developer Bostoen has been providing households with new homes for more than 40 years. To successfully deploy their digital and regional strategy, they called on Combell for web hosting, app hosting and IT outsourcing.

The cloud helps develop a regional strategy, close to the customers

Bostoen is a leading residential property developer, which has been in existence for 40 years, employs 300 people and has a turnover of over 100 million euros. Bostoen develops new projects for households – both apartments and homes tailored to the needs of the customers, in all sorts of building materials, ranging from masonry to timber frame.

What are SQL injections and how can you prevent such attacks?

The danger of SQL injections has been known for 14 years. And yet, such attacks are still one of the greatest dangers to dynamic websites, which can cause serious damage, including the destruction of the data in your database. But what exactly are they? And how can you prevent them?

1. What is an SQL injection?

On the modern web, you can find lots of dynamic sites, which are generated on the fly. A scripting language such as PHP retrieves content from a database and puts it together based on instructions or statements.

GDPR: what you should know as a Combell customer

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has far-reaching consequences. But what are the implications of this new European regulation for your relationship with Combell?

Key principles of the GDPR

Over the last few months, almost everyone in the sector has been talking about the fact that a new major European regulation, called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will come into force on 25 May 2018. Meanwhile, you are probably familiar with its key principles:

  • The same rules apply to the whole EU; if data from EU citizens are processed by businesses outside of the EU, the GDPR still applies
  • The definition of “personal data” is now broader: it includes data types such as IP addresses and sensitive data such as data concerning a person’s health or cultural identity
  • The collection of data is subject to strict regulations, which means you cannot purchase or create lists of information any way you like: users must provide explicit consent and are allowed to access their data and have them erased
  • In the past, data breaches were usually disregarded, but today heavy fines can be imposed.

MoveteX develops its planning software on Combell’s powerful hosting platform

East Flanders-based MoveteX is a Belgian company that counts FIFA among its customers. Its RefAssiST app helps plan sport competitions so efficiently that, in amateur football alone, players can drive 500,000 less per year. For the hosting of its various apps, MoveteX relies on Combell’s powerful managed hosting, which provides the computing power required by the algorithms.

Greater efficiency thanks to smart planning

MoveteX from Herzele (East Flanders) was founded in 2014 and specialises in smart planning. Together, business founders Ken De Norre - De Groof and Dieter De Naeyer have developed a new piece of software that helps plan sport competitions more efficiently.

4 ways to design a great customer support experience

Great customer support is a priceless opportunity to tip the scales in favor of a product or service you are offering. Statistics tell us a satisfied customer tells as many as nine other people about their great experience. Working on improving your customer service is your best chance not only to attract new customers, but also to upgrade the opinion of existing ones towards the whole company and win them over. Earn that extra star in your products rating!

Great businesses are great because they do not settle for less than the best, including customer experience.

Facebook cover photo – why and how to step up your game

If your Facebook cover is just a background image, barely related to your industry or your business – you have a problem. And the problem is you are underusing a potential source of followers, visitors and customers. Even if you have already put some extra effort in the cover, you might still be underestimating the importance of this single image to the opinion people have for your business. With the feature of a Facebook cover video on its way, we advise you to consider our tips and tricks to improve your Facebook cover photo and get ready for some serious competition for the attention of the user.