Build your own website or having it built: the various options

No business can afford not to have an online presence nowadays. You must have a website to promote and sell your services or products. In this article, we explain what options you have to build your own website, whether or not you do this yourself.

In our article ‘What building blocks do you need for your website?’, we showed you that for your online presence you need a domain name, an e-mail address with hosting for your mailbox, and hosting for your website. Now, though, you have to make an important decision: are you going to build your website yourself or are you going to outsource this task to professionals?

10 advanced tips for making your website even faster

A fast and high-performance website makes for happy customers! But there is always room for improvement, hence these 10 advanced tips for making a well-performing website run even faster! 

Additional optimisation of your load time may have a large impact

The importance of a high-performance website cannot be overemphasised. Your visitors will lose interest if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. It is possible to make an immediate 10% difference in online sales through loading faster by just half a second.

Not only does a high-performance website make for satisfied customers, but it also allows you to rank higher in the search results – Google does not just reward fast websites: before long, it will also penalise slow websites!

Why Combell is the perfect application hosting partner according to Oddessey

It is important for Oddessey to know that the applications it develops for its customers keep running continuously. That is why some 10 years ago, and after researching the market, this Dutch company opted for Combell’s hosting services. It was looking for a partner that shared the same values and, in addition to this, understood that applications have specific requirements. Care, integrity, honesty, reliability: characteristics woven into Oddessey’s DNA and which it sees reflected in Combell as its application hosting partner.

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From own campaign to application developer

Oddessey Solutions develops platforms and communities (or apps, SMS and web applications) for businesses.

Wix, SquareSpace, Combell SiteBuilder or WordPress: what will you choose to build your website?

For many years, WordPress has unquestionably been the most popular CMS for building a website. Today, however, website builders such as Wix and SquareSpace have made great progress. And with Combell, you can also use a top-quality and very intuitive tool to build your website: SiteBuilder. But what do they have to offer? And which system is best for you?

New tools make building websites easy

The time when you had to use HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other programming languages to build a website is long gone. Nowadays, with popular tools like WordPress, Wix and SquareSpace, you can build your own website or blog, and even a real web store with just a few clicks and drag and drop.

Kubernetes Essential: the entry-level model for container technology

More and more organisations are deploying Kubernetes, the popular platform for managing IT systems with containers. But opting for containers can sometimes be too big a step, either on account of the technical level or the initial cost. For that reason, Combell now also has ‘Kubernetes Essential’, an economical and fully managed K8s environment with which you can get started immediately.

Growing from small to big thanks to Combell Kubernetes Essential

Working with containers often suits today’s approach of application development. You design your infrastructure during the development. And thanks to container technology like Docker, later on you can scale up a lot more quickly and easily.

Cybersecurity: how can your employee actively help?    

While human capital is one of the most valuable trump cards of any business, at the same time those very same employees may create dangers when it comes to cybersecurity. We go into this in detail and also give tips on how to keep these dangers as low as possible.

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Missing is still human

Many cyber threats arise as a result of human error - a mistake out of ignorance or carelessness. For you as an employer, it is not easy to exclude these mistakes in advance and act proactively.

5 tips to protect your company against hackers

As digital technologies evolve, hackers are enjoying more and more success. Nowadays, cybercriminals are using advanced methods to damage your company. A small mistake can have huge repercussions and, as an organisation, you have to be prepared as best you can for an incident and protect your company against hackers. But how do you go about that?

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Cyber incidents: big impact on your organisation

A cyber incident will have a big impact on all layers of your organisation. This kind of attack is accompanied by high costs and may cripple business systems, meaning that your staff will no longer be able to work.

The 5 most common types of cyber attacks

Increasingly, companies are faced with cyber incidents - both small and medium-sized enterprises, and large organizations. What types of cyber attacks can endanger your business?

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Types of cyber attacks continue to increase

As a company in today's society, it is best to ensure that you can also offer your goods and/or services digitally. More and more companies are making the step towards a digital presence for business continuity. However, there is a downside to this transition: cyber criminals target their attacks on the IT systems and the digital data they collect.

Shorter duration for SSL certificates: a maximum of 1 year

To increase the security of HTTPS connections, SSL certificates will be for a shorter duration: from now on, they will have a maximum validity of 1 year. How does that affect you as a Combell customer?

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Unilateral decision by producers of browsers to shorten the duration of SSL certificates

As you know, an SSL certificate is required if you want to provide a secure HTTPS connection to your website. Depending on its strictness, that certificate provides certain guarantees as to the identity of the domain name owner.

Why host your WordPress website at Combell

The choice of hosting for your website is tremendously important to its success – and that is even more so if you want to work with the WordPress CMS. Let us examine the most important points you should pay attention to when choosing hosting for WordPress. We will show you how Combell meets these requirements and why you can fully entrust your WordPress website to Combell.

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WordPress: the most used CMS

With a ‘Content Management System’ such as WordPress, first you build a fixed framework using building blocks that you find on the web.

7 tips to protect your home workstation against hackers

People who work outside the secure environment of the company network are often an easy target for hackers. This is because not everyone is always aware of how well their devices are protected against attacks from outside. And users often do not realise that they are working with outdated infrastructure. As an employee, you can take the necessary measures yourself to ensure that your home office can function securely. These 7 tips can help you protect your home workstation against hackers.

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1. Run regular software updates

Companies may risk passing on to a new employee a laptop from someone who has left, and thereby save on having to buy new equipment.

Teleworking: how to get started

It is best not to take the step of introducing teleworking into your company in a hurry. It requires a great deal of preparation, such as drawing up a strategy. And, of course, the right software tools to organise the work properly! We go over the steps you need to take.

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Teleworking on the rise

Due to the corona crisis, many companies were forced to rush to organize teleworking for their employees - it was the only way to ensure the continuity of their business.