Your own website: which pages should you consider including?

The big advantage of having your own website is that you are in charge of its content, which means you can decide which type of content it contains. Your website will undoubtedly have several pages, whose nature will depend on the purpose of your website. A web store will have one or more product pages, a service company will include a page with completed projects, etc. However, there are also several other pages that your visitor expects to see on your website, and you should not forget those. Some of them are even required by law.

6 steps to build the perfect website (or have it built)

Where do you start to build your website? Whether you do it yourself or outsource its development to a professional, these are the 6 steps you need to follow to create a well-designed, convincing website. Follow the guide!

It may surprise you, but for the first steps, you do not need your computer. Instead, you need a clear head and some friends to help you brainstorm. Because there is a lot of thinking involved. And you can easily do that with a pen and paper as well.

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Why every company should have its own website

Having a website has become indispensable for every company, even if you only run a one-man business or a simple shop. With your website, you can attract new customers, improve your services (and thus boost your sales!) or create a platform for both customers and staff as part of your business processes. Here are a few of the benefits of having your own website.

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Your website helps you attract new customers

All too often, companies and entrepreneurs believe that they do not really need a website.

How do you make digital transformation a reality for your business?

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are embracing digital transformation. In the process, they start using more digital solutions to make their work more effective and to improve the service they provide to their customers. Even if you are a relatively small company, you can easily reap the benefits of this ever-increasing digitalisation. In this article, we are going to explain the best way to tackle this issue. 

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E-commerce, videoconferencing, online collaboration tools... Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, many companies have started to adopt digital technology.

Thalento assesses top talented professionals using innovative hosting based on Combell Kubernetes Essential

What is your personality like? Are your intellectual skills, your language proficiency and your specific knowledge up to standard? What is your main motivation? These are all key questions for employers looking for talented people. Providing highly reputable online assessments, Thalento® is an integral part of the recruitment process at hundreds of large and smaller companies. In this context, Combell ensures both availability and flawless operation, using Kubernetes Essential: a future-proof technical platform.

Thalento® launched online assessments in the field of Human Resources in 2010. Ten years later, the company has become a leading global Software-as-a-Service provider serving customers in virtually every time zone.

8 reasons to build your web store using Combell’s ShopBuilder

Combell's ShopBuilder allows you to build a beautiful web store in no time at all. The themes it includes are fully developed, which means you really do not need to know anything about programming or graphic design. Moreover, ShopBuilder makes it very easy to manage your store and your stocks. Read this article to discover all the benefits of ShopBuilder!

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1. Combell's ShopBuilder includes beautiful and fully developed themes

In our article 'Get started with e-commerce in no time at all thanks to a web store builder', we showed you how easy it is to build your own web store using the right tool, even if you do not know anything about programming.

Get started with e-commerce in no time at all thanks to a web store builder

Even if you have no knowledge of graphic design or programming, you can start your own web store in the blink of an eye. A web store builder allows you to get your products online very easily, so that you can make your first sales in a matter of seconds. Get your e-checkout ready to make miracles!

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What is a web store builder?

A web store builder is a tool that, just like a website builder, is very easy to use, and for which you do not have to be able to program.

The road to PHP 8 at Combell

For the shared hosting platform at Combell, we strive to get you the latest and most up2date PHP versions. We make it a goal to be able to deliver every new PHP version on the day it is announced. We managed to do this for several months now. It is of course not a complete disaster if we bring these versions to our customers a week after it was announced on, but it shows that our flow is good.

What we offer

First some background on the PHP related things we offer before we dig deeper into our road to PHP 8.

ROOV: the app for managing your personal finances with complete confidentiality

ROOV is a personal financial assistant for individuals and families. It is very convenient, but also very secure, because we are talking about your financial data, which means private information. For the hosting of the app, ROOV therefore decided to use Combell's highly secure hosting. Here is an introduction to this smart and extremely secure assistant.

ROOV: your personal financial assistant

The ROOV app is a unique app in Belgium, which has been developed taking into account the Belgian reality of ordinary users. ROOV offers the ultimate solution to a problem that so many people are struggling with: how to keep an overview of their personal finances and administration.

7 reasons to build your website using Combell’s SiteBuilder

Has our article "Why choose a website builder?" convinced you that you too can build your own website for your company or organisation with the help of a website builder? Great! Now, make sure you also choose the right tool for the job: Combell's SiteBuilder.

With Combell's SiteBuilder, you can create a professional and highly secure website in no time at all, even if you have little or no knowledge of technology or graphic design. Our SiteBuilder is user-friendly, very versatile, and most importantly: you can count on Combell's renowned support team!

Why choose a website builder?

Would you like to build your website by yourself in no time at all? Well, you can! Even if you have zero programming skills. And it is also very affordable. So what is the fantastic tool that makes this possible? A website builder! But what exactly is it and how does it work?

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What is a website builder?

A website builder is a smart computer program, which you can purchase from some hosting providers as an extra service. This software makes it very easy to create your own website for your company or organisation.

New features in Combell’s API for the automation of your hosting services

As a partner, do you already use the Combell API to automate the management of your hosting environment? In that case, we have some good news for you: we recently added many new features to it. In this article, you will discover the new (and future) features available in the API. 

What's the Combell API, again?

A quick recap for our partners who have not yet discovered the Combell API and its advantages... As a Combell partner with a reseller platform, you manage your hosting environment and services in the control panel.