Managed WordPress new at Combell!

With Combell's new Managed WordPress, you will be able to fully focus on the content of your website. Combell will take care of the rest: security, speed, updates... And if you want, we can even check your code in order to optimise it. Here is a brief explanation on the subject.

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Managed WordPress: extra services to make your life easier

WordPress has quite rightly become the most popular CMS thanks to its user-friendliness. You know the principle: you pick a theme to build your website, add extra features by means of plugins, and all you have left to do is upload your content via a simple form.

Remote working: the advantages and disadvantages

The Covid-19 crisis has caused a turning point in many companies: suddenly they discovered, by necessity, that their employees are actually able to work from home. But is remote working (at home or in a coworkingplace), also suitable for your company? We briefly list the advantages and disadvantages.

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Is it really necessary for your employees to come to your office every day to work? Couldn't they just as well do their job from home, or from a coworking space? Remote working can save you a lot of money, by saving on transport contributions.

Off-site backup protects the customers of KPD Services from data loss

Backups, especially external backups, are clearly the best defence against cyberattacks. In the event that a hacker does manage to infiltrate your systems or even block them, an off-site backup will enable you to get working again quickly.

The construction sector is no different in this respect. When KPD Services supplies companies in this sector with the infrastructure on which their ERP software, BouwOffice, is to run, it immediately takes a secure backup. And because it is essential that a backup always be restorable, it opts for both a local and an external backup.

How to choose the right Microsoft 365 (Office 365) package

Combell offers you various Microsoft 365 packages. But which Microsoft 365 package should you choose for your company or organisation, or even for home use? The following questions will help you make a decision.

Are you still wondering if Microsoft 365 could be a good solution for you? Our previous blog post will help you make up your mind: 7 reasons to choose Microsoft 365 (Office 365).

1. How many users do you have?

The first thing you need to consider is how many 'users' you have, i.e. for how many collaborators you need to purchase a license.

CloudAtWork makes teleworking accessible for every company

Teleworking has become the new normal. But working with and from the cloud is not always an easy task. CloudAtWork provides the bridge between Combell's cloud infrastructure and the customer's working environment.

All you need to work from home is a screen, a keyboard and a mouse

Although companies are increasingly turning to telework, the coronavirus crisis has greatly accelerated this trend. Under normal circumstances, the benefits of teleworking for employees had already become clear: they can save an enormous amount of time due to the fact that they no longer have to waste their time in traffic to get to work, they are often more productive because they can work undisturbed, and above all, they can work on their own time schedule, which makes it easier for them to combine work and family life.

What is the best domain name strategy?

You want to get your business online. And you are thinking about the future – the international market is your final goal. What is the best domain name strategy when choosing the right domain extension? Will you go for a single generic domain name for all countries or will you pick different domain names for each country? Here are a few tips.

Your domain name is the foundation of your business – offline as well!

Even if your business does not offer products or services online – just think of the self-employed such as bakers, butchers, plumbers, etc.

Corilus supports healthcare providers with new digital platform Helena

The coronavirus crisis provided the final impetus for the further digitalisation of healthcare. In these difficult times, Corilus, which has been an expert in software for the healthcare sector for 22 years, is relying more than ever on Combell's dependable and high-performance hosting. 

Corilus: pioneer and expert in healthcare digitalisation

Ghent-based Corilus, a leading medical software provider, is a pioneer in the digitalisation of the healthcare sector. In a report that was aired on Kanaal Z, Corilus CTO Jelle Gacoms stated the following: "More than 40,000 healthcare professionals use one of our software solutions on a daily basis.

Function-as-a-Service (FaaS): the vanishing trick for your infrastructure

In a DevOps approach, through which developers and users can collaborate on software or an application from the very beginning, the architecture takes non-functional requirements (such as security and scalability) into account from the outset. We are increasingly dividing the functional side into separate blocks, or even individual 'functions'. Containers – a recent trend in the field of infrastructures – support the division of an application into many smaller components called microservices. This allows you to optimise the performance of each component. But FaaS (Function-as-a-service) goes one step further, so that you no longer have to worry about the infrastructure at all.

Warning: Google Chrome 80 may cause problems with online payments

If you have a website that allows you to receive payments online and this has sometimes failed to work properly for your users over the last few weeks, it could be due to a recent change in Google Chrome, more specifically when passing the SameSite cookie in Google Chrome 80. This change sometimes causes problems with online payments, and we experienced this as well.

Google has put the change on hold for the time being, but we recommend that you prepare for this change now. 6 so that you do not have to do any research.

Domain name scams: be very careful!

There are many domain frauds in which fraudsters use your domain name as bait to deceive you. We list some specific cases of domain name scams as a warning, and provide some tips on how to be on your guard and protect your domain. 

Attempting to defraud with false invoices

One of the forms of domain fraud is the sending of false invoices. The sender is usually a company with a name that invokes trust, such as ‘.be domain hosting’ or ‘.be registrar’. The invoice states that your domain is about to expire and that you have to pay a sum of money.

Are your employees ready for working at home?

Home working guarantees your business continuity in difficult circumstances. But is your business prepared for this? In this article, we are going to present you all the pros and cons of home working in a nutshell, and provide you with practical tips for organising this properly. 

Working from home: business continuity even in difficult circumstances

‘Remote working’ is a way of working that is gaining increasing traction. Your employees do not have to be physically present in their usual workplace in your business premises in order to perform their daily tasks.

How Combell is coping with the coronavirus (COVID-19)

As you are undoubtedly aware, the worldwide situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing hour by hour. Apart from the impact on the health of the global population, there is also going to be an economic impact that is not currently predictable. Many companies are concerned about their own continuity and we understand that our customers may also have questions for Combell, as their provider of IT services.

No downtime anticipated

We want to reassure you: the continuity of the services you receive from Combell is totally unaffected by the coronavirus.