Mobile websites get moving

A survey conducted by Multiscope has revealed that the mobile Internet offers good prospects: in the Netherlands, 1.6 million users are currently surfing the mobile web once or several times per month. In that same country, one-fourth of the 200 largest websites have a special mobile version – especially news sites and portals. However, large chain stores and online shops often do not own their mobile homologue, despite the fact that information provided by mobile operators proves that there is an important demand.

The upsurge of mobile websites is stimulated, firstly because there are more and better smartphones that can handle faster connections, secondly because operators increasingly offer “flat fee” subscriptions and thirdly because operators themselves offer portals and special mobile search engines are launched.

Now that people are getting more and more interested in .mobi domain names, a lively trade is also starting to bloom. In the US,, and have been sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The advantage of a .mobi domain is that users can tell that they have ended up on a site that has been designed especially for the smaller-sized screens of mobile phones.

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