Is your e-commerce site ready for tablets?

Tablet E-commerce

An increasing number of users visit websites using a tablet. And yet, only 7% of retailers’ web stores are optimised for tablets. What are the main issues you should consider?

A recent study conducted by e-commerce tools seller Skava revealed that only 7% of the retailers have optimized their website for tablets, which means that 93% think their version for desktop or smartphone works well on tablets. But it is not the case. Several obstacles impede a streamlined user experience for those who use a tablet.

On the other hand, it is a fact that tablet users are usually wealthy people who spend more money when they shop online. Throw in the fact that users spend more time with their tablet than with any other electronic device, and you will realise the opportunities you are missing when your website is not adapted to the needs of these tablet users.

Which are the factors that one should keep in mind? Well, for starters, the design of the site has to look good horizontally as well as vertically. This means that you have to test your website on various tablets, with different resolutions, screen sizes, etc. The key idea here is responsive design.

Moreover, navigation has to be adapted to touchscreens. Links that are too close to each other are difficult to touch, especially for people with somewhat larger than average hands. Users can zoom in or out to “click” a link, but this is an extra effort you do not want them to make each time. Drop-down menus are a no-go option because they are almost impossible to use on tablets.

And, last but not least: with the well-known pinching movements on his tablet, a user can very easily zoom in and out on your images. So, make sure to provide clear images and preferably use vector-based file formats; avoid pixelisation, also for movie clips.

You will undoubtedly have to make the required investments to adapt your website in order to apply these guidelines. But it’s definitely worthwhile. Also according to the Skava study, the mean purchase of a tablet user is indeed 153% higher than that of a smartphone user and it amounts to $123. So, do not let this great potential pass you by!