Google Website Optimizer has completed its beta test period and is now open to the public

Google Website Optimizer, which has been the subject of a closed test in 2006, has now completed its beta test period. Moreover, you no longer need a Google AdWords account to use the tool: the Optimizer is now freely accessible to everyone.

The tool allows to perform several tests. For instance, you can create two versions of a same landing page, in order to determine which version has the highest conversion ratio. The ultimate aim of the Optimizer is indeed to stimulate sales via the website, improve the landing page, attract more leads, determine the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), increase the amount of time that the visitor spends on your website, etc. The tool is available in several languages, among which English, French and Dutch.

Google certifies that the tool has been developed so that minimal IT knowledge is required to start performing tests. This way, the marketer regains part of the control over the website. You will be guided step-by-step in the creation of tests, after which you will receive a small piece of code that you have to paste in the target pages to be tested. The reports that Google subsequently generates are intuitive and tell you exactly how each aspect of your test influences the number of visitors. To support the whole endeavour, a blog has also been launched, containing an overview of all the new developments as well as various tips that allow you to get the most out of the tests.