Every store should have a web shop

  • 26 May 2008
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This bold verdict has been uttered by the Raad Nederlandse Detailhandel (the Dutch Retail Council), which based itself on a recent study that established that consumers shop more and more at online stores that they already know as real stores, instead of looking for products or shops via search engines.
Indeed, the number of consumers who purchase goods through the Internet keeps growing, even among people aged 55 and over. The thresholds are increasingly easy to cross and the fact that deliveries are faster (they now take only 24 h, while earlier, it used to take 5 days for a parcel to reach its destination) also helps to stimulate Internet sales. Those who can should better open an online store in addition to their point of sale made out of bricks.

This being said, even those who aren’t planning on selling their products on the web can benefit from opening an online store, even if it’s just meant to be a virtual shop window to show off online what one can buy when visiting the store in real life.

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