123.nl – Landrush for strictly numeric .NL domain names

Reserve your numeric .NL domain names now, FREE OF CHARGE.

Now that the Sunrise period for brand holders is almost over, Landrush will start on Thursday, the 28th of February at noon (12 o'clock) for the numeric .NL domain names. These numeric domain names are exclusively composed of digits (minimum 2, maximum 64) like e.g. 0800.nl, 00-32.nl, 1976.nl, 12-34.nl, etc. This is a unique opportunity to register your birth year, zip code, phone number, wedding date, etc. as a domain name!

You can preregister numeric .NL domain names free of charge on https://www.combell.com/en/domains/nl/. If your registration is successful, the standard yearly fee will be applicable (34 euros excl. VAT / year).