10 reasons to register your domain name with Combell

Your domain name is the first step to a thriving business. It is therefore crucial that you choose a reliable partner to register your domain name – one that can help you further develop your business. Combell is such a partner, and we are going to tell you why. 


Carefully choose where to register your domain name

Register a domain name with a reliable partner like CombellThere are many places on the Internet where you can register your domain name. And you might think that it does not matter where you do it, as long as the service provided is cheap. Because registering a domain name is just a simple procedure, right?

Wrong! And here is why: some registrars, such as Combell, go the extra mile and offer you extra services, free of charge, which will immediately help you further develop your business online:

  • Free support
  • Free mailbox
  • As many e-mail addresses as you want + forwarding
  • URL forwarding
  • DNS management
  • Link to hosting
  • Handy control panel
  • Online marketing e-book
  • Advertising budget of 75 €
  • Money-back guarantee

Register a domain name with Combell


Tip: Combell also puts a handy domain finder at your disposal. This tool clearly lists all the domain extensions that you can use for your domain name, instead of traditional .com or .be extensions. Maybe a .immo, .travel or .app extension would be the perfect choice for your activity? You will immediately see which alternative extensions are still available and how much they cost. Stay ahead of your competitors by registering these alternatives right away!

Are you still not sure which domain name suits your business best? Here, too, Combell will provide you with various tips that will help you pick a good domain name.


Your domain name: get off to a good start!

Registration of a domain name - start of you online presenceThe process, however, does not end with the registration of your domain name. After this first step, you will need hosting for your website, for example. And you will then also need to link your domain name to your hosting, so that the visitors who enter your domain name in their browser can visit your website.

If you decided to register your domain name with one of the cheapest registrars, the company will usually stop caring about you as soon as it receives the payment for the registration of your domain name. This means you will then be on your own and you will have to figure out for yourself what must be done to link the domain name to your website. Fortunately, this is not how Combell behaves: even if you already have a hosting account with another provider, Combell will help you link your domain name to it.

If you are currently using a free blog (WordPress or any other), you can easily link your domain name to this free blog using URL forwarding. Your visitor will then be redirected to this blog. You can even choose the ‘cloaked forwarding’ option: instead of yourblog.wordpress.com, the address bar of your visitor will then show yourdomain.be.


Your domain name: boost your online presence now

Your domain name can help you boost your online presence. By registering your domain name with Combell, you will be able to:

  • Create and manage e-mail addresses: Combell allows you to create as many e-mail addresses as you like, based on your domain name. Create info@domainname.be, accounting@domainname.be and sales@domainname.be and decide if you want to have all the e-mails sent to your existing mailbox (e.g. a Telenet mailbox) or if you prefer to set up a redirection for each e-mail address.
  • Enjoy a free mailbox: the e-mail address only sends the messages to your mailbox, which is located on a server, usually managed by your Internet service provider (Telenet, Proximus or any other). With Combell, however, you get an extra 1 GB mailbox for free (POP3/IMAP). And if you are traveling, you can read your e-mails in your browser via the webmail.
  • Manage the link with your website yourself: thanks to Combell's handy control panel, you can manage all the settings for your domain name yourself. You can e.g. link multiple domain names to a main domain, and then link this main domain to the web hosting of your website.
  • Choose the right web hosting: do you not have hosting for your website yet? In that case, you will have to find a hosting company. But what kind of hosting is best for you? Once again, Combell will help you make the right choice. You can go for simple web hosting, managed hosting for more complex websites, or a Content Management System (such as WordPress or Drupal), to name just a few options... And if you decide to use a CMS, Combell will set it up for you, so that you can get started right away. 


Have a single point of contact

When you purchase everything from the same provider (hosting, domain name, mailboxes, e-mail addresses, etc.), there is only one company you have to do business with, which brings great benefits:


  • You do not have to worry about the fact that your mail settings are with provider A, your domain name with provider B and your hosting with provider C, which is always a challenge when you have to find out who to contact in order to update an agreement.
  • A single point of contact that helps you figure out what your best options are.
  • 24/7 support provided by Combell's helpdesk team. No call centre operators, but people with genuine expertise will be there to assist you in your own language, knowing exactly what your needs are.
  • A clear control panel, created in-house by Combell, for all the settings of your domain name, mailbox, hosting, CMS, etc. No endless queues trying to reach a virtually unavailable helpdesk at the other end of the planet in order to adjust very simple settings: you can control everything yourself, with just a few clicks.

As you can see, going for the cheapest possible option is a bad idea when it comes to registering a domain name. You should therefore always choose a registrar that can assist you in boosting your online presence, providing you with a reliable service, and where everything is centralised.


When registering your domain name, do not go for the cheapest possible option. Instead, choose a provider that will assist you in boosting your online presence, such as Combell.


If you have already registered your domain name with another provider and would like to transfer it to Combell, you can do it without any problem! Just follow these simple instructions to transfer your domain name or to outsource the transfer and have our Combell movers transfer your website for you in no time at all!

Make a wise decision and register your domain name with Combell. This will be the first step that will allow you to boost your online presence, with the help of a reliable partner that will assist you in every stage of the process!

Register your domain name with Combell now