Case: Wataro

"Playing games online against as many opponents as you like, without any trouble, with the help of Combell"

Escaping the daily routine and stress for a little while by playing a computer game. For many people, this is the ideal way to relax. But it does not have to be a solitary hobby. On the gaming site, you can play against other gamers. And Combell makes sure you can play without any trouble.

Matthieu Ullens

Wataro's issue

In order to develop their online gaming platform, Wataro was in search of an external hosting partner, which is able to optimize the stability of the infrastructure and to increase its performance.

Combell's solution

The flexible system of dedicated servers with virtualisation technology is ideal for an online gaming platform such as the one of Wataro. The heavy flash applications and the many actions require a server environment that is entirely dedicated to Wataro.

Combell's assets according to Wataro

A reliable partner that always puts the customers' needs first. High-quality technology and support at an attractive price. Flexibility in support. Great in-house expertise.

Summarized: Reliable partner, High-quality technology, Great in-house expertise