"No more crashing sites ... thanks to Combell"

Nothing is easier than shopping online: no closing times and your purchases are delivered at home. is a Belgian web store that sells deeply discounted big brand products to its members. In order to be able to manage high traffic peaks on the site, found a reliable partner in Combell.

Kim Nuyts

Vente's issue

As an online store, was looking for a flexible hosting partner that grows together with the company and that is able to manage the high traffic peaks on the website.

Combell's solution

Combell's external hosting on dedicated servers makes it perfectly possible to evolve together with the company and to manage the high traffic peaks on the e-commerce platform. The traffic peaks are spread by load balancers on 2 dedicated servers over 6 web servers, in order for everything to work smoothly. The redundant database server set-up (1 active server whose entire content is synchronously copied on a passive server) secures all the data.

Combell's assets according to

Personal contact with customers, despite the company's growth. Passionate and concerned collaborators. Reachable day and night, flexible, good tools.

Summarized: Optimum service, Great expertise, Global solution