Case: Twizted Imagebuilding

Twizted Imagebuilding is a company from Antwerp whose objective is to improve the image of people and trademarks.

""Their unique selling point? Service""

"The reason why my customers keep choosing Combell is their excellent service. To me, that is what distinguishes them; it is their unique selling point. I never had to be on hold for one second longer than necessary. Those guys are available 24/7 and you always get an immediate answer. I never put down the receiver or closed an e-mail message thinking that they had not helped me out."

"The value for money that you get is particularly high with Combell. As an image consultant, it would be sad if I advised a product or company that clashes with their image to my clients who are in the process of image building. If their website went down every five minutes or if there were problems with e-mail, this would reflect on my clients' image. And, indirectly, on mine as well, so in that case I would change hosts in a jiffy. I do not think that they are the cheapest, or even among the cheapest around, but that is unimportant. That is also what I always tell my clients: price does not matter. What does matter is the value for money and, with Combell, that value is particularly high. This is what counts – not how many measly euros you can save on your hosting bill, but what you get for them. And no euro is spent in vain with Combell."

Summarized: Real value for money, No waiting times