Case: Selligent

"We can now very easily handle future growth. During the fi rst 6 months, we already fl awlessly doubled our capacity."

Selligent Interactive Marketing provides conversion marketing and interactive CRM software solutions. Their software enables marketing departments to analyze customer data and transactions before initiating a personal interactive dialogue with them.

Selligent's issue

  • Better security and 24/7 availability of online services.
  • Easily scalable IT infrastructure to support continuous growth.
  • More effi cient management of a fast-growing group of SaaS customers.
  • An external hosting partner with strong technical credentials and strategic insight.

Combell's solution

A private Cloud platform composed of more than 30 servers (both physical and virtual), linked to a dedicated SAN infrastructure and virtualized with VMware vSphere. Doublelayer dedicated fi rewall protection. Selligent enjoys the 24/7 services of a dedicated and personal support team, which can be reached directly.

Combell's assets according to Selligent

Experts with an advanced knowledge of security, storage and cloud computing. Very strong, on a technical as well as on a strategic level. Fast, flexible, thinking along with the customer, accessible.

Summarized: Optimum service, Great expertise, Global solution