Case: Robarov

Robarov is a website design agency. They build dynamic websites for small SMEs so that the SMEs can make changes themselves. The company found Combell on the Internet and is convinced that it is the most professional hoster to work with.

"A growing need for larger systems"

"We do a lot of PHP programming and mainly start with Linux Start or Basic packages for our small SMEs. As companies grow, especially SMEs, we notice that the need for larger systems grows along. We can easily respond to that growth because that is also how Combell offers its packages. <br /> The main reason to stick with Combell is the relationship we already built with them, but mostly the fact that they really assist me. Everything is very easy for us; we have simple management, we can mostly do the things ourselves that we wish to do. And should problems arise, we can simply call Combell and get instant help. Combell's services of course offer us a great advantage, mainly because we can create, manage and modify packages so quickly and because everything can be managed so simply, from domain names to e-mail, including hosting."

Summarized: Helpful, Competent, Reliable