Case: Qurius

"Qurius and Combell, complementary partners in hosting"

As an integrator, Microsoft ICT service provider Qurius grew in just a few years into one of the largest Microsoft partners in Europe for companies, public authorities and the non-profit sector. Qurius provides hosting solutions tailored to the customers' needs and joined forces with Combell in Belgium. A partnership with a long-term vision.

David Devogele

Qurius' issue

Qurius has a hosting centre in the Netherlands, but was looking for a local hosting partner in Belgium, because here, Qurius only provides integration and the production of Microsoft Dynamics products. The local collaboration represents an added value in the form of ICT global solutions based on the customers' specific needs.

Combell's solution

Combell provides local external hosting, the missing link that resulted in the current collaboration in synergy with Qurius. Moreover, the vision and corporate culture of both companies are identical: both start from the customer's needs (as opposed to those who push their own solutions) and both aspire to develop a long-term relationship with the customer. Both specialists now joined forces, tailored to the customers' needs. The local partnership is very complementary, thanks to both partners' trust and professionalism.
Combell develops external hosting solutions for Qurius' customers, provides support by listening together to the customer and by making an estimate and following it. If customers approach Combell and Qurius can provide an added value, Combell will also involve Qurius. So, both companies are 100% complementary.
Combell's external hosting solutions for Qurius comprise CRM projects, ERP solutions, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and remote hosting of applications.

Combell's assets according to Qurius

Customer-minded, solution-driven, transparent, technically strong, excellent service, pleasant collaborators, young and dynamic corporate culture.

Summarized: Customer-minded, Technically strong, Solution-driven