Case: Multimediamakers

Multimediamakers is an Internet company that specialises in producing web videos and web design and the combination of both. Multimediamakers uses a dedicated server for its customers' websites. After having tried to collaborate with other hosting companies, they finally discovered Combell. Combell is also established in Ghent and seemed to offer the best service, the most stability and the most reliability.

"In one word, they are fantastic"

"Combell's Support is, in one word, fantastic. They are available 24/7. So, if something goes wrong, you can reach them by phone or through e-mail. They are technically well grounded, in other words: if there is a problem, they will solve it. Often even in cases that is of no concern to them but you initially think they are responsible – even though they aren't. Even at times like that, they try to help you find a solution. <br /> Combell is a young and reliable company with a team of dynamic, competent and conscientious people. To put it shortly: a must!"

Summarized: Reliable company, The best service, Fast problem solving