Case: Minoc Business Press

Minoc Business is a subsidiary of Corelio. They publish magazines such as Clickx, PC Magazine and IT Professional. Minoc also manages websites such as and

"We are with Combell and also with their subsidiary Easyhost for our websites, like e.g., and Those are important and hefty websites with peaks of tens of thousands of visitors each day."

"Good hosting is crucial for the most important IT site in the country. I have the feeling that Combell is a very solid company: competent, dynamic, young and sympathetic. If hosting did not run so smoothly, our articles and ads would not be available anymore. And that would be unheard of, certainly in the light of an important event like the website of the year, with 10,000 people visiting our website. The entire functioning of the contest could be jeopardized. So surely, good hosting is indeed crucial! As soon as you slip, there are posts on social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc. That sort of news spreads like wildfire."

Summarized: Good quality hosting = crucial