Case: Media Mates

Media Mates builds websites for self-employed workers and SMEs. They also have some multinationals and political parties in their portfolio.

"Admiration for the quick availability of the Combell staff"

"We have one server with Combell, on which we basically run all our services and we currently plan to start a second server with them. On the one hand, we can always rely on very fast support; it always amazes us how fast those people are available. But Combell also is a real partner with very well-trained people, who interact with us in a very pleasant way. Combell always thinks along with us and that is, especially now, during a growth period, vital to us. In truth, we do not look at our bill anymore; in that sense, we of course care for the fact that their rates are competitive, but for the service we get, we just do not feel the need to compare.” <br /><br /> What they offer is fundamental to our services. You should know that, if their service fails, like when a server is down, all we did is gone. It once happened to us that our server was down because of a mistake we ourselves made and that was a moment of intense stress. But when you call Combell and you find a calm, professional, well-trained partner on the other end of the line, who immediately takes action and you find that, within fifteen minutes, the server is running again, this enormously enhances the feeling of trust."

Summarized: Fast support, Professional, Reliable partner