Case: Lean-Interactions

Lean-Interactions helps its customers optimise their internal processes and then support these processes mainly with IT systems.

"Availability, reliability and helpfulness"

"I first ended up with Combell via Internet and consecutively, I sat around the table with two providers. The reason why I chose Combell is simply because we clicked as human beings. I also thought they responded very well to people's needs, even with very small companies, and that they were genuinely interested and offered excellent service in that context. <br /><br/> Why Combell? The answer should be, I guess, that they are available, reliable and helpful. I think that those are the most important aspects that I search in any partner I work with. These are also the main aspects I want to convey to my customers. I think it is crucial that the solutions I offer to my customers are real solutions that can be used in their core activities. The reliability I offer is in the first place my own, but in a way it also reflects the services Combell offers; so it is very important that we can work with a partner that is just as reliable as we, ourselves, are.<br /> In the end, the value of a company is measured partly by its rates, but mostly by what you get once you paid for it.

Summarized: Available, Reliable, Helpful