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Kadonation Customer Case

Kadonation is a digital money pool, where everyone can contribute to a group gift, a charity or a group activity. The collected money can then be used to buy gifts from partner shops, but it can also be transferred to a bank account.

Kadonation’s request

Cheap hosting providing sufficient guarantees

For the hosting of the website and the associated app, the young entrepreneurs found a provider that offered attractive prices, but which could not provide guarantees of service – staff took too long to answer tickets, and there was no 24/7 helpdesk. For a start-up, this is not a good thing at all. Kadonation thus decided to start looking for an affordable alternative, providing service and guarantees.

“As a start-up, you want to save costs at all levels, including hosting.”

Our solution

Free managed hosting for 1 year

Via Combell’s Cloud Angel Webfund, Kadonation had the opportunity to use the hosting services provided by Combell for free for 1 year. This way, they have been able to enjoy hosting with excellent service in their start-up phase, when budgets are still tight. They started using 1 cloud server with a Debian/Linux environment, including Veeam Backup and an SLA Pro, so that any possible problem could be solved in no time.

Combell’s assets, according to Kadonation

“Newly established businesses initially often have their servers hosted by cheap providers. However, the Cloud Angel Webfund provides a perfect solution to this problem: hosting with outstanding service, free of charge for 1 year.”

Read the full case study about Kadonation on our blog Link

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