Case: InSites Consulting

"Fast scalability thanks to virtualisation"

InSites is a fast growing European marketing research agency with big ambitions. In order to grow flexibly along with the company, the servers now run in a hybrid cloud environment, managed by Combell. It is now possible to extend the system's capacity in no time, without anyone noticing.

Gunter Van De Velde

InSites' issue

InSites was looking for a hosting environment that would grow together with the company, which is in a strong growth phase. That means a flexible hosting model that can be easily extended, at an affordable price. In addition, this external hosting environment must be monitored day and night. InSites does have its own IT specialists in house, but they do not work around the clock. And with customers and respondents all around the world, the system must be up and running around the clock.

Combell's assets according to InSites

A smooth collaboration thanks to an enthusiastic and dynamic team. Both companies are on the same wavelength and share a similar vision and situation: young, ambitious, in full expansion, customer-oriented, flexible and with a long-term vision. This leads to mutual understanding and facilitates our collaboration. Moreover, the people at Combell have extensive in-house expertise, which makes them true hosting specialists, and their support is exceptional.

Summarized: Passionate team, Long-term vision, In-house expertise