µ CheckMarket - Combell customer case

Case: CheckMarket

CheckMarket is an online survey provider that provides a tool to create, send and analyse surveys.

"With Combell, I absolutely was not a number"

"There are several providers in Belgium and for most of them, one is just a number. With Combell, I absolutely was not. To me, support is the most important feature. Our business has to be available at all times and we have to be able to get technical support very quickly. With many of those companies, you had to purchase credits to get support. We are an online server provider; we also have SLAs, so people have to be able to contact us at any point in time. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to us to have a good partner. It is all a matter of price and quality. There are of course cheaper providers, especially in the US, but in that case relay times are longer and support would be a different story altogether. If you call someone here, people understand you."

Summarized: Not a number, Always available, A matter of price and quality