Case: Charlier advocaten

"A virtual office is a quantum leap for the functioning of an office"

In more than 30 years, Charlier Advocaten from Mechelen has evolved into a reliable law firm. That being so, the way of working urgently needed to be updated, certainly with the expansion to Ghent. Combell developed a virtual office for Charlier Advocaten. This way, lawyers and collaborators can work in complete freedom. Wherever they are.

Stephane Vereecken

Charlier advocaten's issue

In order to be able to work from anywhere in the world, the law firm no longer wanted to depend on the technical limitations imposed by their existing server set-up. Connexions must be secure and every action must be synchronised.

Combell's solution

A fully synchronised virtual office with – among others – Exchange Server, Outlook, Office applications, Terminal server, SQL Server and the Cicero software package. In short, a comprehensive environment where all the office software has been placed online. This way, their virtual office is available everywhere in the world and they can count on a reliable helpdesk available 24 hours a day.

Combell's assets according to Charlier advocaten

A very reliable and professional partner that takes action very quickly. Combell never leaves you out in the cold and constructively helps search for solutions, even if this is not part of their duties.

Summarized: Real value for money, No waiting times