Combell logo downloads

Do you wish to use the Combell logo in your communication or do you wish to place a Combell button or banner on your site? Below, you will find media files that you are free to use in your creations.

EPS logos

For print matters and campaigns.

PNG logos

For online use, these PNGs are transparent.

Web buttons

Buttons for use on websites or in newsletters. These buttons are all transparent GIFs; those on the left are optimal for use on a light background and those on the right are optimal for use on a dark background.

Web banners

Download the banner set below for a square, a skyscraper and a leaderboard.

Adapted formats

Do you have an interesting opportunity to mention Combell, but do not find the desired banner or button in the above media files? In that case, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly provide you with an adapted version.