"eTIC" code of conduct

The code of conduct is a form of ethical code, that ICT providers can sign, guaranteeing thereby that they provide ethical services to customers of SMEs. By doing so, these providers can be fully trusted, which improves the level of professionalism.

In short, as a signatory supplier, Combell undertakes to act in compliance with the following clauses:

Supply goods and services in a way that matches your needs

If necessary, we help you express your needs and the foreseeable development thereof. During the course of the project elaboration, we will check the continued match between the products or services provided and your needs.

Clearly define the scope of the project

The offer or the contract are to expressly specify the nature and substance of the project in terms of supplies, deliverables and lead times. Any exclusions and options are to be clearly specified.

Clearly specify costs and lead times

We offer you a clear overview of the overall budget and the lead times necessary for us to satisfy all your needs. We specify all price changes during the course of the contract.

Ensure the proper execution of the contract

We guarantee the proper execution of the contract by our staff and our subcontractors, if applicable. We make sure we have intermediate deliverables duly validated by you on a regular basis.

Inform you of our resources and qualifications

We inform you of the available resources and qualifications held by us and our subcontractors, if any, to accomplish the project. We will clearly inform you of the part of the contract we are intending to outsource.

Protect you against the non follow-up of the solution sold

We will inform you of the measures we are putting in place to protect you against the disappearance of our company or one of our subcontractors or the non follow-up of the solution sold. We undertake to deliver the work accomplished at every significant progress milestone of the project.

Supply you with clear information relating to the intellectual property rights

We undertake, as soon as the offer has been submitted, to supply you with transparent and explicit information relating to which intellectual property rights will be assigned and which rights will not be assigned to you. Any terms and conditions and limits of such transfers shall be laid down in writing in the main contract or in an annex agreement.

Let us base our collaboration on transparency,
commitment and constructive exchanges! "

Combell and social entrepreneurship

For years, Combell has been driven by several values. In this context, we aim for sustainability in our business and our relationships with our collaborators, customers and suppliers. As a fast growing company, we recognize the necessity to formally give shape to our commitment with regard to social entrepreneurship.